Medical Stop Loss

Medical Stop Loss

The explosive growth in self-funded insurance plans means that quality excess protection is more important than ever to your self-funded clients. FAIRCO has brought in-house and also partnered with trusted industry veterans to create a Medical Stop Loss solution that will meet your customer’s specific needs by offering a wide variety of options, contract periods and deductibles.

Our in-house underwriters and outside partner Program Administrator underwriters have years of Medical Stop Loss experience. Combining a revised, up-to-date contract with an experienced group of dedicated underwriting, reimbursement and cost containment professionals allows you to explore the best options to protect your policyholders. Highlights include:

  • Approved and available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Minimum Specific Deductible of $10,000 subject to applicable state regulatory guidelines
  • Specific Advance, Aggregate Accommodation and Terminal Liability options are available
  • Aggregating Specific coverage is available on groups with larger deductibles
  • Administration is distributed allowing for individual attention and minimal delays
  • Quick and accurate reimbursement handled by individuals working side-by-side with your underwriter
Medical Stop Loss

To learn more about FAIRCO’s Medical Stop Loss Program contact:

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