Archived Medical Malpractice – Podiatrists’ Professional Liability

Archived Page - This product is no longer offered

Medical Malpractice – Podiatrists’ Professional Liability

FAIRCO recognizes that each podiatric practice is different and offers a variety of coverage options to meet the needs of your practice. With our program, qualified podiatrists benefit from competitive rates in a procedure-based rating plan together with risk management credits and part-time rates, plus loss free, new podiatrist and leave of absence discounts.

FAIRCO’s state-of-the-art, admitted coverage includes the following:

  • Surgical and Non-surgical rates
  • $50,000 medical waste legal defense coverage
  • Consent to settle provision
  • Peer review, disciplinary hearings and other regulatory actions (OPD) up to $100,000 legal defense costs
  • Contractual liability coverage for HMOs, PPOs, IPAs and similar organizations
  • Medicare/Medicaid endorsement available
  • Locum Tenens coverage available
  • Extended reporting period (tail) coverage available